Giving Back

In addition to being the owner of @plantactive, I am a dedicated animal rights activist in Vancouver. Giving back to the local vegan community is a priority for me. Years of personal experience on the vegan scene have allowed me to see the good works of many animal rights organizations, activist groups and farm sanctuaries. Check out the list below to see who @plantactive proudly supports. We hope these donations help create a vegan world – as creating a vegan world is exactly what @plantactive set out to do.


$500-Liberation B.C. 

  • @plantactive donated $500 to Liberation B.C in 2018.
  • Liberation B.C. is a non profit animal rights organization based in Vancouver.
  • L.B.C. is helping to build a strong animal rights community, while exposing animal exploitation through outreach and education.
  • Check out for more and a place to donate.

$500-R.A.S.T.A. Sanctuary

  • @plantactive donated $250 to R.A.S.T.A. in 2018.
  • @plantactive donated $250 to R.A.S.T.A. again in August of 2019.
  • R.A.S.T.A. was the first animal sanctuary on Vancouver Island and uses donations to help feed  the unique and beautiful animals to whom they have given a forever home.
  • Check out rasta for more and a place to donate.

$500-The Happy Herd Sanctuary

  • @plantactive donated $500 to The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary in 2018.
  • Happy Herd is home to pigs, turkeys, cows, ducks, chickens, roosters, donkeys, cats and dogs.
  • Happy Herd uses donations to feed and house animals rescued from abuse and/or slaughter.
  • Check out happy for more and a place to donate.

$250-Langley Pig Save

  • @plantactive donated $250 in 2018 to the Langley Pig Save when they reached out for finances on a GoFundMe page.
  • The Langley Pig Save frequently raises community awareness outside Britco Pork Slaughterhouse.
  • Check out Langley Pig Save on Facebook and Instagram for more.

$250-Anonymous for the Voiceless (Vancouver Chapter)

  • @plantactive donated $250 in 2018 to the local AV chapter.
  • AV is an international animal rights activist group that shows slaughterhouse footage to the public within a "Cube of Truth." 
  • The Vancouver Chapter uses donations for equipment and hosting animal rights workshops, such as the Change Makers 2018 Tour with Joshua Entis. 


$250- P.E.A.C.E (People Ensuring Animal Care Exists)

  • @plantactive donated $250 to P.E.A.C.E. in August of 2019.
  • P.E.A.C.E. is run by local Vancouver animal rights activists Serene and Hugo Slabbert with help from others.
  • Serene and Hugo saw the stress that farm sanctuaries endure and are stepping up to help as much as they can.
  • They are dedicated to help with the rescue process and transportation of animals in need.
  • They are also working on exciting educational plans with schools, creating humane alternatives to farms days and chicken hatching programs.
  • Check out for more info and a place to donate.

$250- Little Oink Bank Pig Sanctuary

  • @plantactive donated $250 to The Little Oink Bank Pig Sanctuary in August 2019.
  • When Carrie Shogan realized that the three potbelly pigs she adopted in March 2018 were pregnant she was at a crossroads.
  • The answer came clear to Carrie when 3 pigs turned into 18!
  • She decided to turn her family farm in Langley to a forever home for pigs in need.
  • The sanctuary has continued to rescue 33 pigs, four calves, three sheep, more chickens, multiple dogs and counting!
  • Check out The Little Oink Bank Pig Sanctuary on Facebook for more info and a place to donate.
@plantactive also proudly supports numerous local animal rights events by donating vegan apparel for fundraisers

Animal Justice, Home for Hooves, R.A.S.T.A, The Happy Herd, The Vegan Fall Dance, Little Oink Bank Pig Sanctuary and others.