Plant Active Podcast

The Plant Active Podcast is meant for people interested in bettering themselves in order to better the planet and better the lives of every being who lives here. Show host, Jordan Weisner is an animal rights activist and wellness advocate. Jordan will be hosting different guests each episode to discuss a wide variety of topics, with a focus on animal rights and the vegan lifestyle.

Episode 1 : Undercover Investigator and Animal Rights Activist: Geoff Regier

In this episode (the first episode) of the Plant Active Podcast. Jordan is joined by Vancouver animal rights activist, Geoff Regier.  Geoff grew up on a family farm himself but with the drive to live altruistically combined with the after effect of watching the documentary "Earthlings" he has become one of Vancouver's most effective animal rights activists. He has spent three years working undercover, inside slaughterhouses, farms and other areas within Canadian animal agriculture. Listen to Geoff's story here! Geoff's Instagram @geoffregier Jordan's Instagram @plantactive